Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recession Race and a 3-Way Tie.

The poll closed. It was a 3 way tie between Tropical Jam, Banana Butter and Spicy Salsa Jam. So. It's officially been narrowed down from 5 to 3 jellies/jams. Thank you for voting. Now I have my work cut out for me. :)

I signed up for my first Recession Race. What, you may ask, is a recession race? A recession race is a race that has a race t-shirt priced higher than the race itself. This causes anyone with a wallet to realize that paying more for a crap-shirt than the race itself is insane and therefore decide to opt out of the t-shirt. I never opt out of t-shirts, but how many crappy Ts can someone have floating around in the closet? Watch them be super-sweet T shirts and I never get over my regret for passing them by.

Signed up for the trail race, now I've gotta get good and used to being covered in mud from head to toe. At least I won't have to shave my legs.


Tanya said...

I only buy the tshirts if it's a really important race for me, like my first half marathon. I much prefer races where the shirt is included in the race fee, since I'm kind of cheap..

D10 said...

A trail race is so much fun. I wish there were around here. You are going to have a great time. When is it?

BeachRunner said...

Trail race. FUN!

Come ON!! Who voted against spicy??