Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


At my appt. Thursday, I was 6 cm dilated which was "dilated-enough" that themidwife didn't want me to drive home before being admitted to the hospital. I was unprepared. How can someone dilate to 6 cm and it be a surprise?

After being admitted, I sat in bed on an IV and 3 hrs later at 230p I did not dilate any more. Cue the pitocin. At 4p, no change. Cuethe suggestion of breaking water and the promise of a fast progression to transition, then pushing. Cue remembering how awful transitionwas with Pitocin. I couldn't "ok" having water broken knowing what was next. So I sat there with O for 5 hours lamenting and I finally allowed my water to be broken with the understanding that I could get an epidural if it got too intense. "Epidural" had never entered my thought before. But frankly, I was afraid and 20 months is not enough time to really dull the memory of my previous labor.

At 9p, water was broken @ 7 cm. Instantly I was in transition. Oliver was a superstar. I know labors happen all the time and that these nurses see it so much that it loses any sort of direness that it may have had their first month on the floor, but it would've really nice if they could do something other than smile knowingly when I tell them that I feel like I can't handle it. So, at 930 or so I got the epidural. It doesn't work right away. In fact, I felt the rest of transition (though they say the contractions were shorter) and at 1015p Audrey was a +2. 14 minutes later and 6 pushes later, Audrey was out! It was awesome.

She got an 8 then 9 on APGAR and was 8 lbs 13 oz, 21.25" long. She has nursed like a champ from the beginning. She looks like Vi, so she looks like O, but she has a lot of Mom Genes. It is strange to look at someone so small and see proof that your DNA is replicable. Granted, she is only 2 days old and she will change a ton even within the next month.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today is my due date. Today I am still pregnant. On Saturday, I got the latest issue of Runners World and I am totally jazzed about getting back into it. It is going to be so awesome. It was probably a big help that the cover story is all about running fashion for the ladies. Soooo pumped.

Hopefully, the next post will be of a easy-peasy baby birth. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

6 More Weeks, and Shoe Recommendations?

So, I have 6 wks left of being pregnant. Sadly (?), it's probably going to be the last time that I will ever be pregnant so I'm not trying to wish it away, but I am looking forward to running again. I had a wonderful dream where I was running a half marathon. It was nice and smooth (funny how efficient your muscles can be while you are sleeping) and I was so happy. And so disappointed when I woke up and found myself in a five foot long toddler bed. Alone (Violet had relocated herself to the big bed and left Mom to sleep on the mattress with the crinkly mattress protector), curled around a Winnie the Pooh, with a binky smashed into my cheek, and aching from the awful position I had put myself in.

Anyway. We bought a B.O.B. Dualie Jogger so we are set. I still love the B.O.B. Revolution and the thought of not having a double jogger that I loved as much as the single didn't make much sense. It is put together and in the living room because I can't get it to fit down into the basement. It fits through most doors, but not every door in my house. I don't really get that, but whatever. It's a jogger, and I don't really plan on taking it to Old Navy or wherever people take their joggers and complain about not being able to fit through doors.

It's an eyesore. I mean, it's a beautiful stroller, despite being without its rear tires--it donated a rear tire to the Revolution after an unfortunate event involving a single jogger parked behind a car that would, at some point, be thrown into reverse (no worries, the new axle is on its way). The double jogger is just huge. HUGE. So huge. And orange, which is tied with green as my favorite color. Violet likes it. She tries to climb it and likes to buckle the straps. So, basically, I have a bright orange giant reminder that the day I can start running again is only "Labor Day" plus 6 wks postpartum-recovery away.

I need new running shoes. Slightly (ha!) far removed from the running community these days, are there any new shoe recommendations? I have only ran in Asics. I was thinking about Nike Free or another minimalistic shoe. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I never get to finish a complete thought when I

So I haven't been blogging, obviously. I hardly have time to brush my hair (I haven't seen a hair brush in 3 days--thank goodness for buns), never knit (a pair of leg warmers that should have been finished 3 months ago are still ankle warmers), or do much as far as "hobbies" right now. What am I doing? Of course you'd ask. I am still growing a human inside my uterus (3rd trimester, baby). When not working, I'm hanging out with Violet. When I'm not hanging out with Violet, I am at the gym trying to keep up my cardio and my upper body strength (here's hoping to no post-partum chicken wings). When Violet is asleep, I try to have conversations with my husband in which we celebrate every completed sentence and/or thought that we get to express to each other that is not done via text or email. Any other time that I have, I am cleaning the house. If I start to think about yard work, I hyperventilate just a little. This is because we have 4 dead trees up front, 6 dead trees in the back, and ground cover that is determined to take over anything that isn't moving.

I bought a chainsaw. If I knew that Oliver wouldn't have a meltdown at the thought of his pregnant, exhausted, clumsy wife being outside at 1015pm at night with the thing, I'd have all those GD trees pulverized into tiny little chunks by midnight. And then, just to show the trees how pissed I am that they had the nerve to 1) get sick and 2) pass the disease all around the yard and then 3) die, I would probably set the pile of sick tree chunks on fire and cook hot dogs over it, and then throw the hot dogs away. Because that is how ticked off I am.

I am not running right now but plan to do a Spring 2012 Half. That way I'll have enough time to hopefully regain my core before I dive back into the world of long runs, tempo runs, and Gu. I feel so removed from the running world (cue the sad face) that Gu could have been discontinued and I'd have no idea. That could be a totally dated remark. Someone with their finger on the pulse of the running world could read that and think, "Oh, really, Grandma? You are going to use Gu? Are you also going to drive to the start line in your Delorean?"

The pregnancy is going great. It's going so fast, honestly. Monday is my glucose test and then I've got 12 more weeks til show time. Or more. I remember the Due Date Bus totally skipped my stop last time and Vi was a week late. So, not holding my breath on that one.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Library Day!

I took Violet to the library for baby story time and she loved it. We sang songs (she danced), we read books, we played with the other little babies (birth to 18 mos). It was a blast. She gave out hugs like they were candy, petted babies hair-dos, shook her shakey eggs and cried when it was time to leave.

Observations: she's a tall-y. she is good at sharing (for now). isn't shy. didn't hit anyone or throw anything at anyone.

So, I think it was a success.